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Friday, August 24, 2012


I vant to suck your...MONEY OUT OF YOUR WALLET!!!


That's much scarier to me than someone wanting my blood. I've got plenty of scars on my arms where phlebotavampires have stuck's not nearly as bad.

At any rate, another cover for an old classic. Dracula! The first version I produced wasn't scary enough or pale enough for the publisher so I did a revision on it...and frankly, I'm glad they requested it.

The first one looked great!...that is, until I painted the second then looked at the two side-by-side...

Now the first just looks like a goofy, retarded, not-close-to-being-scary version of the second. Kind of like the difference between Edward Cullen and an actual vampire. Ah well. such is life.
I also threw in the hands which were the same before and after. I like hands.

I could make the joke that the original is with makeup...and the second without. But I won't.

...though I kind of just did....and it was horribly cheesy. But who cares right? No one reads this crappy blog anyway! WOOHOO!! Have a great day folks!


  1. Pretty sweet, Jason! The new vampire face is better. Good job.

  2. Thank you sir. Painting pasty skin tones is not my forte...But out of struggle comes growth.