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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sunday Sketches Part Deux

So usually I refrain from drawing people, because if I have to look up at them, then down at my sketch, over and over again...I usually get distracted by everyone else around the person. Horrible, I know. But, on occasion, I am able to focus long enough...and here we go. On the right was a speaker during sacrament...and the other gentleman was sitting down the isle from me during priesthood.

This uh....caveman cartoony guy, is actually based on someone...I'm not saying who...because there are those who read this blog who'll know who it is...and it's NOT a very flattering likeness. The dragon isn't based on anyone. Although there are some girls I know who happen to look like tha.....I'll stop talking now.

Another friend of mine wanted me to draw instead I drew her foot. (to be fair she didn't say WHICH part of her to draw....)She didn't like it much; she said it looked like a hobbit I put the memo on there...then I drew hair on it.