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Monday, May 24, 2010


So, I know, I know, it's been a while since I've had update on here. But I've got a relatively decent excuse. I drew so much I pinched a nerve in my neck...WHAT?!?!?

It's true.

So I guess the long hours, stress, tension, and having a horrible chair (which I didn't know was horrible until now.), and having bad posture when I draw, all caused some vertebrae in my neck to get pulled out of whack, which pinched a nerve. Seriously, it felt like I had a knife stuck in my neck, shoulder, and under my left shoulder blade. I was laid up for close to two weeks, the only position where the pain was managable was lying down...and that was WITH strong pain killers.

I discovered that I'd lost strength in my left arm, it went numb, and tingled on a reguluar basis. So I paid some frequent visits to my chiropractor, and now I'm happy to say that the pain is basically gone. I still can't lift more than five pounds above my chest, but I'm told that's only temporary, though it may take awhile to return to normal.

Anyways...on to some art.

I was sitting in church and started drawing this dashing young buck. A girl sitting next to me asked why I tended to draw violent, ugly things. So I looked and her said, "He's just misunderstood..."

She looked at me quizzically.

"His name is Jeff," I said, "He loves to read, and take care of small potted plants. People won't really hire him for any occupations other than being a he does that because it pays the bills, but actually, he hates fighting. Every time someone looks at him and sees a big, ugly creature...they automatically assume he's violent."

"Well now I feel sorry for him..."

"You should. I like Jeff."

Anyways, I felt this particular sketch deserved some sort of added dash of personality, so I scanned and painted it in photoshop. Enjoy.

And please...don't judge Jeffery.

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